Introduction & Philosphy

Again thanks for visiting my Web Site, my name is Kenny Manis.  In the 30 plus years I have spent in the insurance business assisting people with the complexities of deciding what to own and how much they should own, I have learned some things which has helped form my philosophy of sorts on this subject.  In simplifying this philosophy, I would sum it up as follows:

Failing to plan is essentially planning to fail.

I want to educate people so they can make educated decisions.

I want to work with people that understand the long term value of service and expertise will always outpace the short term gains of price. 

I want people to buy something that they believe in, rather than be sold something that I believe in. 

Using these premises, professional advice and high quality insurance carriers (see My Partners tabs), you can mitigate the risk associated with sickness, injury, disability and death.  Insurance requires a unique perspective and prevention.  Insurance planning must be a proactive process.